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Termites are well known for the damage they cause to our wooden furniture and structures. They hide in our basements and yards where they find ideal survival conditions. Our building foundations, furniture, shelves, books and carpets, all form ideal feeding and breeding sites for termites. Are you under a Termite…


Cockroaches are repulsive, unhygienic and foul smelling pests. They hide in the dark corners in our home, workplace and storages. They contaminate our food and grains, spreading various infections all around us. Are the Cockroaches threatening you? Cockroaches are found in abundance in our kitchens and bathrooms. Some potential hideouts…


Mosquitoes are one of the most commonly found household pests in India. They thrive on our blood and spread deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. They lay their eggs in stagnant water and puddles around us and can multiply from few to thousands in just a few weeks period. Are…

Wood Borer

The majority of furniture in our house is made of wood. Wood borers live and breed inside this furniture and feed on the wood cellulose. They decompose the wood to powder, causing significant cosmetic and structural damage to our furniture. Are Wood Borers eating away your furniture? Wood Borers live…

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs live in our beds and damage our mattresses, curtains and carpets. They are parasites that feed on our blood. Their bites cause severe itching, skin manifestations, allergic symptoms and sleepless nights. Are Bed Bugs biting you? Bedbugs are active during the night. They live and lay eggs inside…


Rodents include rats, mice and bandicoots. They are a dangerous pest in our household as well as work place. Rodents carry deadly diseases. They damage our electronics, wiring, stored food, etc. and are often responsible for short circuits and electric shocks. Are rodents raiding your property? Rodents are easy to…

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