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Wood Borer

Wood Borer

The majority of furniture in our house is made of wood. Wood borers live and breed inside this furniture and feed on the wood cellulose. They decompose the wood to powder, causing significant cosmetic and structural damage to our furniture.

Are Wood Borers eating away your furniture?

Wood Borers live inside the wood and leave little evidence of their presence until much damage has been done. Common indicators of the presence of wood borers include:

  1. Accumulation of yellowish wood powder around the furniture.
  2. Hollow sounding wood furniture.
  3. Perforations marks in wooden furniture, boxes and books.

Why Choose RK Infra’s BeatBorers©?

BearBorers© is a comprehensive solution to safeguard your furniture from wood borers. Out treatment ensure complete eradication of wood borers and avoid the possibility of future infestation.

  1. Our treatment targets surface as well as insides of your wooden furniture.
  2. We use only premium quality, branded and government approved chemicals.
  3. We ensure complete eradication of wood borers in all their life forms.

What do we do?

  1. We detect the extent of wood borer infestation, its origin and the target woodwork.
  2. Our technicians inject chemicals to treat the affected wood and terminate the underlying pests.
  3. Wood preservative chemicals are injected into the wood and the surface of the wood is sprayed with chemicals.

What do you get?

  1. Wood Borer free furniture.
  2. Annual Service Contract including 4 services in a year with periodical check-ups.
  3. Long lasting solution to your problem with a warranty.

Our Advantage

  1. BearBorers© is a long-lasting and efficient treatment against wood borers.
  2. It works alike on all kinds of woods.
  3. We completely eliminate wood borers from your furniture.