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Cockroaches are repulsive, unhygienic and foul smelling pests. They hide in the dark corners in our home, workplace and storages. They contaminate our food and grains, spreading various infections all around us.

Are the Cockroaches threatening you?

Cockroaches are found in abundance in our kitchens and bathrooms. Some potential hideouts and identification signs include:

  1. Small inlets and crevices around drain pipes in kitchen and bathrooms.
  2. Dark areas behind the wooden cabinets, under kitchen platforms, near gas cylinders, etc.
  3. Series of dark stains on the floor, foul odour and unpleasant conditions.

Why Choose RK Infra’s NoMoreRoach©?

NoMoreRoach© completely eradicates cockroaches and prevents the possibility of future infestation. It is a long term powerful solution to all your cockroach problems.

  1. Cockroaches consume our gel, go to their colonies and spread it to other cockroaches. This eliminates them from the source.
  2. NoMoreRoach© uses only branded, government approved, odourless gel and traps.
  3. No need to vacate/move your kitchen. Our treatment is completely safe for you.

What do we do?

  1. Our technicians identify the extent of cockroach infestation and prepare a treatment plan.
  2. We employ a combination of methods, such as gel baiting, trapping and sprays to eliminate the cockroaches.
  3. We offer specialized solutions for apartments, hotels, offices and homes.

What do you get?

  1. Cockroach free and hygienic premises.
  2. An option of one-time service or annual maintenance contract.
  3. For commercial accounts, the frequency is fortnightly/monthly.

Our Advantage

  1. NoMoreRoach© is a completely odourless treatment.
  2. No need to vacate the kitchen.
  3. The treatment can be carried out anytime throughout the day.