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Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs live in our beds and damage our mattresses, curtains and carpets. They are parasites that feed on our blood. Their bites cause severe itching, skin manifestations, allergic symptoms and sleepless nights.

Are Bed Bugs biting you?

Bedbugs are active during the night. They live and lay eggs inside the mattresses and carpets. They leave following signs behind them:

  1. Giant (up to 1 square inch), red and itchy bite marks on your skin.
  2. Damage and bite marks on your mattress, bed sheets, carpets or curtains.
  3. Distinctive odour, similar to that of coriander.

Why Choose RK Infra Treatment BiteBedBug©?

BiteBedBug© treatment for bedbugs is a 100% result yielding solution to your entire bed bugs problem. It relies on chemical as well as chemical free treatment techniques, depending upon the requirement.

  1. Our heat treatment based technique is absolutely safe for you and your children.
  2. We use only premium quality, branded and government approved chemicals.
  3. We offer free re-treatment in the case of resurgence of bed bugs within the warranty period.

What do we do?

  1. We inspect your premises to determine the location of bed bug infestation.
  2. We carry out a thorough treatment to eliminate bed bugs in all life stages.
  3. We ensure you immediate relief.

What do you get?

  1. Bug-free bed.
  2. Single Service Contract with a 2 month warranty period.
  3. Annual Maintenance Contract for year-long safety.

Our Advantage

  1. BiteBedBug© is fast acting and highly effective treatment against bed bugs.
  2. It relies on technologically advanced detection and curing methods.
  3. The treatment can begin at short notice to cater your urgent requirements.